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Re: Theme designers: Use CSS classes, not IDs.

Users should have to rethink their CSS. Not using a ID selector just because a “newbie” doesn’t realize there can only be one element attatched to them is lame. The difference between ID and Class is one of the fundamentals of CSS. The bbPress designers would look foolish changing all of their IDs to Classes and wouldn’t conform. These selectors carry semantic meaning and without them your HTML code becomes less proffesional and harder to read.

Latest and Popular are different tables and shouldn’t be labeled the same. If code redundancy is an issue you could always go:

  • #latest, #popular {
  • -or-

  • <table id=”latest” class=”tableonmainpage” >

    If somebody is going to be digging around and making their own theme they should really take 5 minutes to read a CSS tutorial.

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