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Re: tag.php access issue

here is a link to the phpinfo.php ::

not sure if this helps… any how, I thought I would share a bit about my project. is a temporary url, this site is actually for a MMA publishing company. I was sold on wordpress after I read this article:

I then became a true believer after building my personal site with WP. For Victory Belt I decided to run with WP and was originally going to go with phpBB, then Vanilla, then considered punBB for a bit, then found out about the tight integration with bbPress. The WP community in conjunction with the bbPress community had a huge influence on my decision. I was then sold when I found out about the plugin that automatically creates forum posts (, for then I realized that the integration and community would only get stronger.

I like how light and fast bbPress is, I would like to focus on the discussions and interaction with the community, and I feel these elements would be refreshing in comparison to the other clunky mma bbs out there. And once Dr. Riddoch over at An-Archos creates his media plugin for bbPress, we’ll be set.

Anyhow, for those interested mma is getting some pretty big traffic, and we are expecting a lot of traffic to our site, for we are releasing books by BJ Penn and Randy Couture in the near future. There is actually a special on MSNBC tonight that is a prime example to the influx of interest in MMA, trailer @:

I just wanted to share, and I am hoping to make bbPress our solution, for I know I am going a bit out on a limb with such new software, but I believe the tree is very strong.

Also, our look and feel is created, the site location is currently the category and back-end development. One of my designers just recently started working on the look and feel of the css… just an FYI.

Thanks again for the help,

I am going to call up my hosting service now,

All the Best,


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