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Re: Swedish translation completed (bbPress 1.0 RC-3)

Dukessa: unfortunately, _e() (and __()) attempts to translate the string it is given – which means that if you try to call “_e(topic_time())”, it will be interpreted as “_e(“August 12, 2009″)” (or whatever topic_time() outputs). The solution is to put translation functions inside the topic_time() function. Note however, that that would indeed translate “August” into “Augusti”, but it won’t fix the order (it’ll still go “month day, year”) nor the capitalization (in Swedish, months are spelled with lowercase first letter unless in the beginning of a sentence). In WordPress, the order problem is solved by an admin setting for the date format, but the capitalization issue remains.

I hope that explains it. If I have the time some day, I’ll try to submit a patch for it to be fixed in the next version.

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