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Re: Swedish names for users wanted!



Both bbPress and WordPress can be integrated so the login is shared.

With bbPress 0.9 you will need special plugins to use WP 2.7 or 2.8

bbPress 1.0 can share the login with WP 2.7 or 2.8 without plugins.

However many plugins do not yet work with 1.0, so keep that in mind.

Real names as an option is nice but I’d hate to see it mandatory as some countries are trying to do. My experience is that people either have manners or they don’t, real names, in person, online or otherwise won’t stop rude people much. The problem is once your real name is online, your employer or in the USA your health insurance can use anything you say against you, no matter how innocent it might be.

But that doesn’t change the fact you should be able to use your native characters in bbPress and WordPress if you wish ;-)

I’m curious if the user login plugin above will also allow you to use your name with the login and not just the Display Name.

Note that bbPress 1.0 also allows you to login via your email address once you are registered. There is a plugin for 0.9 that does the same thing.

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