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Re: support forum plugin fatal error

OK, Thanks for all that. The plugin now works!

One issue remains.

The image URI seems to be missing ‘my-plugins’ from the string.

I attempted to edit the plugin. Line 283

$this->iconPath = str_replace(rtrim(BBPLUGINDIR, ‘/’), ”, dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘/’;

adding ‘myplugins’

like this:

$this->iconPath = str_replace(rtrim(BBPLUGINDIR, ‘/my-plugins’), ”, dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘/’;

gave me this:

I am bewildered by that one.

I can cope till version 9 comes and I can upgrade to 3.0 of the plugin. The status text is there. Not earth shatteringly horrible. Not even public yet. But soon!

Thanks for the help sambauers and chrishajer. Having been a WP person for a while now, BBPress follows in the great tradition. I knew this was the right way to go.

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