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Re: Support for 0.9 – how long?

I run a bbPress site that would be some way up that top 100, and the WP site gets 15 million hits a month.

Reading this does make me more than a little concerned – WP integration is a key feature of bbPress, as can be seen from all the talk about it on these forums. 0.9 integration is almost impossible to get working (I was never able), and the bridge between the two will likely be developed solely with 1.0 in mind from here on (not that it ever worked properly in 0.9).

1.0 seems to the killer app for a WP/BB CMS integration, so for that reason alone it is an appealing upgrade – in my case essential, as I would not have otherwise been able to select bbPress at all. Providing a cohesive user experience is rather more important than worrying about a few CPU cycles in a case like this, as hardware is cheaper than lost page views and users.

However, reading _ck_’s comments here and elsewhere, it is obvious he loathes 1.0 or at least has almost no interest in it.

Since most of the rich functionality which is essential to a rounded forum is provided by _ck_’s superb plugins, it seems that for anyone dependent on them is going to be left waiting for a potentially long time, especially when _ck_ appears to have no interest in taking work, making it a matter of waiting for plugins to catch up – I am sure many users just couldn’t upgrade without being able to carry forward their existing features, which rather renders the whole issue of supporting 0.9 moot.

I’d have to say, it would be a situation like this, and not any “heaviness”, which would press me into looking at an alternative solution…

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