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Re: Support for 0.9 – how long?

Sam Bauers


0.9 was – and is – a stable release. The poll was meant to find out the level of demand on each timeframe. I think there is probably a reasonable cohort asking for support up to the end of 2010, so I’m prepared to maintain security fixes on the 0.9 legacy branch until then – this will however rely on proactive reporting from users of 0.9 as I won’t really be using it at all within a couple of months.

People contributing peer support on these forums can make the choice personally whether or not they help out with 0.9 problems. I’ll also provide a link to the latest 0.9 “legacy” release on the downloads page (with warnings about discontinuing support).

So, I’m thinking that support continues until 31 December, 2010. Anyone particularly unhappy about that?

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