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Re: Support for 0.9 – how long?



I don’t see what the problem is here. If you like 1.0 and like bleeding edge, use 1.0

No one is asking for a single new feature in 0.9, just if there is a security issue found, release a fix. Such fixes usually take a trivial amount of time to produce once a problem emerges.

Some people who make money charging by the hour enjoy the idea of constant changes, upgrades, rebuilding things from scratch, etc. because it keeps them busy and in business. Other people have better things to do, and having made a significant investment in time to setup a working forum with bbPress over the past few years or they don’t have the extra performance required to run 1.0, can just give up all the new “features” in 1.0 and just keep using 0.9 while they plan a migration in their spare time.

All I am saying is if a security problem is found with 0.9 it should be addressed until the end of 2010. Based on WP and bbPress history that will probably happen once or twice a year. Otherwise feel free to let 0.9 gather dust.

Something else to consider is now that 1.0 is based on the WordPress core (ala BackPress) it is potentially vulnerable to any new attack vector that is found in WordPress (including at least one serious issue currently in the wild) while bbPress 0.9 might remain immune.

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