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Re: Support for 0.9 – how long?

Ryan Hellyer


ps. the 2.0 branch of WordPress was it’s best version ;-),

No prizes for guessing who likes stable software then!

I’m quite used to the WP upgrade system now. I didn’t like the frequent upgrades in the beginning, but I’ve slowly realised that as long as I keep my plugins/themes up to date with the latest WP recommended approaches that any new updates are highly unlikely to affect them.

I also never liked the 0.9 branch very much. But I get the impression some of you are happy to keep using it for quite some time yet. I guess if someone can be bothered maintaining it then they may as well. I’ve had clients request for support for ancient WP plugins before and I try as hard as possible to get them to upgrade. Supporting out of date software is generally at the absolute bottom of my priority list.

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