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Re: Successful install, but where is the administration area?

I also have this problem, but I do have a lead… What I did is the following:

Install WP 2.7 (latest build)

Install BBPress 1 Alpha 2 but it skipped steps 2 and 3, went straight to the forum index

Did all the settings manually like described in

Go into WP, log in with admin account

Go to BBPress

At the top I see “Welcome, admin! | Admin | Log Out”

So far so good, but when I click on “Admin” to access my admin page, nothing happens. So thats exactly the same as the others, but when I press the “Log Out” and then try to log back in with the admin account, I get a “User does not exist” message. So I guess its not reading my WP tables correctly.

Note: My database is fully up-to-date, BBPres states that there is nothing to upgrade when I go to /bb-admin/upgrade.php

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