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Re: subforums and markup

Yup. Just don’t display the forum if $forum->forum_parent is true. Change the bit in your templates that goes like this:

<?php foreach( $forums as $forum ) : ?>
//blaaaaah HTML
<?php endforeach; ?>

to this sort of thing:

<?php foreach( $forums as $forum ) :
if( !$forum->forum_parent ) { ?>
//blaaaaaah HTML
<?php }
enforeach; ?>

(ugh colon syntax)

[Edit] Beat me to it ck (by the way, blockquote is already allowed and you’re overwriting it. Doesn’t really matter but could add conflict problems if someone wants to allow it to have attributes). Claire, worth mentioning that this method means it will ignore any subforums without you having to tell it it’s a subforum.

Claire, markup is like this:

<anytag> your text here </anytag>

so actually HTML tags go between < and >. Actual code, like php code, will be shown as code if you put backticks around it. :)

You can also use a simplified markup like (just copy that into a plugin file and activate), which means that *this* is bold, _this_ italic and this@someurl turns into <a href="someurl">this</a>, etc. More on that

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