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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

@_ck_: So are you using that phpbb3 integration?

If it works so well, I am curious why you are here?

It does work well.

There are several reasons I’m here.

First, although it has been recently taken over and updated that mod was abandoned for over a year by its creator . During the period it was MIA we where locked in and it was very had to upgrade to new versions of WordPress. It wasn’t compatible with 2.6. All that has changed recently and upgrading and installing is much easier. But, even though it is “under new management” I didn’t want to be held hostage by one developer.

Second, I wanted a lighter site. Phpbb is great but it can be overkill sometimes.

Third, at some point in the future we want to move to Buddypress. I thought moving to bbpress would get us ready for that next step.

Forth, we are adding about 500 new members each month so if we where unable to move those users and posts it was better to start over now rather than later.

Fifth, Although phpbb was well integrated in terms of users and themes there was still a sense of 2 different sites. I was hoping that because bbpress was made by the same people as WP we could better integrate both style and function.

I knew going into this that WP-United was currently a better option, but I was willing to overlook those smaller details in order to be with a platform that would grow with us. Now my fear is that bbpress will grow in the wrong direction (if at all).


I want to thank you personally. Your contributions are a main reason we decided to give this a try… and continue to try.


The reason I bring up WP-Untied is not because I want people to drop bbpress for phpbb. I bring it up as and example of what bbpress could be or at least inspiration for new plugins.

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