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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

A lot of those features do exist… although you’re not going to have much luck getting all those features/plugins to work on bbPress 1.0. bbPress 1.0 is a very new release, and most of the plugins won’t be upgraded until later this year.

That said, I get the feeling that you would like WordPress and bbPress to interoperate more? I don’t just mean integrated signins – some of your points suggest that plugins would ideally work on both systems interchangably… I don’t think that’s on their product map. Even having more interoperability between the two themes systems seems pretty low on the bbPress priority list.

It’s all good to have concerns about bbPress! I have many concerns myself. :-) I’m staying on bbPress for now, because it is the only option for a lightweight forum with a plugin model. I’m very concerned about the 1.0 path though, and am starting to think through whether or not I want to stay on the bbPress platform in the long term. So I especially appreciate hearing your concerns. :-)

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