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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

@gardenfl: My main complaint would be that sifting through this site for solutions it is sometimes difficult to figure out version compatibility.

Yes, searching for solutions is really frustrating. Like most people trying to decide if they should jump in I looked trough the plugins and other mods only to find out later many/most are out of date. Installing a older version of BB isn’t a real option when you want a forward looking cms. This is of course no ones fault (at least not the plugin developers), I am very thankful for what is there.

@chrishajer: bbPress is not right for some people, but it’s just fine for a lot of others.

But how do we define “a lot of others?” I think there are huge numbers of users out there looking for a truly integrated solution. I don’t see many people using bbPress as a stand alone community forum. There are other forum platforms that fulfill that need. I believe most of the adapters of BB will be users that want to integrate a forum into their current site. BB may be good for someone that just wants a support forum (or something along those lines), but the true market is site owners that want to add more community features…. and that means true integration.

@johnhiler: I agree that bbPress lacks many social features… but that’s not really the scope of the project, which is more focused on forums? If there’s a specific feature you’d like to see, let us know in the forums!

A forum is a “social feature.” Now that does mean it has to be Facebook, but it should have some basic features.

These are some of the features I would love to see some day (I know some can be done with plugins and hacks, but I would like to see more “stable” solutions):

bbPress “login box” in WP (with new private messages and profile link).

Integrated bbPress in a WP page that strips out the bbPress header and footer (theme integration)

Integrated Avatars

Blog Comments listed in bbPress profile

Current forum topics/replies in WP

Integrated bbcode in WP comments

Facebook Connect, Twitter, OpenID etc.

I’m sure I can think of more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Here is a good list of features I would like to see:

The reason i decided to post this is to help voice concerns that may one day lead to a better BB and that will in turn lead to more developers and users. Not yet being knowledgeable enough to create these add-ons myself my voice is all I can currently contribute. Although, I soon hope to share how I overcame some of these issues and provide some inspiration and tips for others. :)

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