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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

I really love bbPress, but still wished some features existed by default. I know it’s doable via plugins, but default features are more cool, you can always turn it off. I really dislike the fact that some of the solutions I have seen on this forum, are related to “integrate your forum with WordPress, and use this plugin and it will work”, no, I don’t like that. bbPress should be able to do stuff on its own, without WordPress.

I don’t want to install WordPress for the sake of making some things work. I have been a WordPress user for so many years already, but still I refuse to do that. I have managed to convert my forum, which was originally SMF into bbPress (SMF > phpBB > bbPress), that was a lot of work, but I’m really happy I did that.

bbPress is by default very EMPTY, very very very empty. I was not used to a forum, with so less features and options. My users didn’t like it. I managed to add a lot of features via plugins. Now my users are a bit happy, I’m also very happy.

The best part I love so far is, that making changes not always is so difficult compared to SMF or phpBB. phpBB is the last forum software on this planet I’d want to use, OMG so difficult to make changes. SMF is one of the best out there, but has some limits due to their copyright system.

Some things I’d really love to see happening anytime very soon:

1. A codex page, with detailed instruction about the codes, just like its big brother WordPress has, at least a start, so we, the webmasters, can do more cool stuff

2. More features by default, such as:

a. Private message

b. Avatar upload

c. Memberlist

d. Quote option in topics

e. Smilies

These are some very basic options.

I’m sure bbPress will be one of the most professional forum software out there one day, it’s not so far yet, but I see it happen.

That’s why I’m a proud user of this software.

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