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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

The WordPress podcast themeplayground has even raised this issue, and expressed the wish to see BBpress merge into the WordPress core… or at least become a plugin.

I’m so frustrated by the lack of true integration that I’m considering switching back to Joomla, and yet there’s a bunch of reasons I love wordpress so that would be a really sad day!

Joomla is a powerful CMS, has a blog, also has many thousands of plugins, and now has a powerful forum plugin called Agora!

As a plug-in it is truly integrated, has a growing fanbase in the Joomla world, tries to integrate all the important Joomla social plug-ins while also remaining a complete forum solution itself. AND the developer is truly MANIC in both his development AND in his support of newbies on the forum… I personally think the idea of one developer called “Hazzaa” is a myth and there must be a dozen of these guys all answering to the same name! “Hazzaa” will even log in to your site as admin and check the back-end stuff for you to see what’s gone wrong, and fix it for you! Madness, the guy is going to burn out.

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