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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

Some above have mentioned “less is just less”… and for a non-hacker like myself, I agree. I’d like to see bbpress come “fully loaded”, at LEAST with all the basic features one sees in SMF and phpbb3 all ready to rock and roll “out of the box”.

FULL integration / merging with WP would be my pick. Then themers would have to work harder developing the bb into their themes for each WP “community portal” (What I’m calling the FULL WP / bbpress / buddypress / bbsync package).

I’ve also expressed my ‘wish list’ here.

However, having said that I totally agree with the moderator above who said “So it’s something about the promise of bbPress that’s not yet been realized that gets people frustrated.” WordPress is way cool, and with a *truly* integrated bbpress portal system, it would rock the world and give Drupal and Joomla and SMF and phpbb3 a good run for their money! Imagine a Fantastico install of WP, and then just ticking some boxes and all the bbpress stuff was already there, “fully loaded” with all the options and ready to rock & roll?

Ahhhh, I’m a suckie Myer’s Briggs ENJF idealist… can’t help myself….

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