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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

@johnhiler Thanks for the links. I’ve decided it only makes sense for us to use BB if it was deeply integrated. I’m willing to take the server hit, it can’t be any worse than what phpbb is doing.

@mark-k I think you would be everyones hero if you pulled it off. Instead of one big plugin, maybe you could do several smaller ones.

The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is login pages and profile pages. Having 2 different pages (integrated or not) is not only confusing to users it’s confusing to administrators. In a perfect world BB would handle all of this, but we know that’s not the case. So what to do? You can’t have a BB “login box” in WP, but BB should be their only profile page (that’s where they will be uploading avatars, checking PMs, etc.). So could you redirect WP login page to BB? If so how would you automatically redirect them back to the last visited blog page? I’m so confused I don’t even know how to write these questions intelligently. How do you have just one login page and just one profile page?


I got the avatars working. :)

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