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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

Here’s the current state of deep integration – along with hints at the future path.

There’s no known way to access bbPress functions inside of WordPress:

Sam has said he’s willing to support WordPress function calls from inside of bbPress

But WordPress isn’t returning the favor:

So essentially, we’re looking at one-way integration being the probable future. bbPress is working hard to make sure it itnegrates deeply with WordPress, but WordPress isn’t making the same effort. :-(

But- keep in mind that there’s a performance hit for “deep integration”! I personally use simple integration on my sites. _ck_ highlights the advances of simple integration here:

It’s pretty disappointing that WordPress isn’t using BackPress… especially since Sam made such a huge effort to integrate BackPress into bbPress. Also, bbPress took quite a performance hit from integrating BackPress.

I’m hoping for a miracle somehow to redeem bbPress! In the meantime, I’m preparing contingency plans…

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