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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

At this point I’ll take 1 out of 3. :)

I’m not talking about plugins. I’m talking about having to hack almost every bbpress php file to include the wp header and footer or having to hack the config files.

The phpbb solution at the time (a year ago)was a HUGE F@#*ING HACK, but now that phpbb has a automod (or whatever they are calling it) it’s basically as easy as a plugin.

I’m not looking for the login form (I’m building a lightbox for that), I’m talking about:

“Welcome, _ck_ ! View your profile (Admin | Log Out) 5 New Private Messages”

As far as Avatars I’m using the wp-united on the live site (phpbb avatars). For BB I have not found a solution yet that will work or integrate into both BB and WP.

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