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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

Buddypress group forums run on bbpress. Besides, wp-united hooks into more than the user table.

I would hope that Automattic would at the very least see where there is user demand and make some effort to fulfill that demand. After all it’s their users a developers that are responsible for their huge success. I guess I can understand them feeling that we give you the software for free so you shouldn’t complain, but those users/developers create, extend, promote and for the most part supply customers service for them.

Nevertheless, statements like this can lead to the wrong impression:

Easy integration with your blog

WordPress and bbPress are siblings, and they get along together a lot better than you and your brother did when you were kids!

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Just look at your tags.

We have been able to pull off much of what I described here. We have integrated bbpress into our theme. We have converted phpbb forums posts and users and have integrated them. We have been able to list new posts in WP. We have been able to do about 75% of what we need so far. Avatars are still a issue. And I can’t see why it’s so hard to put a bbpress login box in WP.

So its not that much of this can’t be done. I just fear with so many hacks it could be trouble down the road.

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