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Re: Slow Queries – 300 second query times



There have been some relevant discussions here:

Looking at the front page of your forum, I see a total of 3074 threads and 22,121 posts. Is there more than meets the eye here to come up with 2.5 million rows of data? Or maybe there’s not 2.5 millions rows in bb_topics, it’s just because of the subquery that it looks at that many records (like it’s something I don’t understand about the way MySQL displays the number or rows searched)?

Did the amount of data grow exponentially after the conversion from xdforums? Maybe there were 20K rows in xdforums, but something with the conversion didn’t go well and it duplicated a bunch of data? How many rows were there in comparable tables before and after conversion?

Something doesn’t add up.

Also, are all those queries the same, and if so, is that query just trying to determine the last poster, from the “Forum Last Poster” plugin? If so, have you tried just turning that plugin off? If that works, then maybe just optimizing the query for your installation would work and you could turn it back on after modifying the plugin.

Of all the plugins, the only other one I could see affecting the queries like that would be the Post Count Plus. That would be the second one I turn off and check for a performance difference.

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