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Re: Slashes being added in front of apostrophes

I have a site with a wordpress/bbpress integration using a modified Atahualpa/Kakumei theme. My wordpress is version 2.8.1 & my bbpress is version and it all works fine.

I want to upgrade to the latest version of bbpress( version 1.0.1 ) but when I tested it I get backslashes before any single or double quotes no matter where I’m at in bbpress. It happens in topic titles, topic contents, when putting in the name for the site etc..

Both work fine with the integrated logins and cookies. The problem only comes after I’ve put my reference to wp-blog-header.php in the bb-config.php file.

I could do the hack that was suggested earlier but the downfall to that is that you won’t be able to have backslashes at all in anything.

I’m thinking maybe the problem is that bbpress is using wordpress’s apply_filters function instead of its own, but that is a guess.

Anyone got any ideas?

Oh and besides the bbpress-integration plugin in wordpress i’m not using anything else on the test I did.

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