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Re: Site using bbpress:



Thanks for the praise and also for the tip on the middle column. Haven’t really thought of it before but you’re probably right about that one.

Regarding the /profiles/x it is really a simple mod. You could do it in a number of ways really, where I chose the following:

Add a row in .htaccess steering the call to the logic:

RewriteRule ^profiles/?$ mods/profiles-by-letter.php?id=$1 [QSA,L]

Personally I put the logic of all mods in separate files in a mod folder and the presentation in another to keep it clean.

The rewrite rule of .htaccess makes “x” a GET-parameter to the logic, it’s then very easy to select all members starting with letter given by “x” like so:

SELECT * FROM bb_users WHERE user_login LIKE '$first_letter' ORDER BY user_login LIMIT $limit

That’s it. The logic part then calls the presentation which can use the result in an array or whatever format you choose for the result.

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