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Re: *seamless* wordpress integration

Most of the *seemless* integration is really done by creating a template in bbPress that looks the same as wordpress using the existing theme and modifying the CSS style sheet to be the same as your wordpress theme. There are people that have managed to get bbPress inside their wordpress theme, but I only know of those that have failed and will wait for them to tell you how they did it.

If you copy your /bb-templates/kakumei/ folder to your desktop and then play around with changing the theme. Most people edit the style.css, header.php, footer.php, front-page.php for starters. Then just create a new folder on your server root of /my-templates/ and then upload the files to a new folder /my-templates/mytheme/ or whatever. Then activate that theme in your admin area.

The way bbPress works is that it will use the files from your new template and the original theme files if it doesn’t exist. That way, if you make a drastic change to any file and you want to start over, just delete that file from your template folder and it will use the original again.

There are a few threads in this forum where people have gone further into detail, but that is how this site is created and others like mine with and looking the same even though they are on different servers.

Hope that helps.


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