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Re: *seamless* wordpress integration




The “latest discussions” list at is compiled without the use of WordPress or bbPress loops. Instead, it makes use of two direct hand-crafted MySQL queries to the database, one to the WordPress tables and the other to the bbPress ones.

Basically, both queries search for all the posts (or comments, in the case of WordPress) written in the past month, then put these posts into various arrays. The arrays are then sorted so that the items are in a reversed chronological order, and finally the resulting list is displayed on the page with only the latest post/comment from each thread/blogpost/page included.

In case it is any help, here is the code that I use — I wouldn’t suggest just copy-pasting it to your site though before reading it through and knowing what you are doing. You may at least need to change the table names. I have added comments to give some idea what is done where.

See the code here

There most probably is a simpler way to do this, the php code could be streamlined, made more error-resistant, and it could possibly also be done with WordPress/bbPress tags, or it could be turned into a plugin, if someone has the time and the energy.

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