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Re: Saving settings for WordPress Integration breaks login

I’m having the same problem and it seems that the WP integration for whatever mysterious reason forces the MySQL connection into “localhost” mode. I’ve configured both WP and bbPress to connect to another MySQL host, but still it seems like bbPress is trying to connect to “localhost”.

I added a print_r($args) inside the db_connect_host() function and found that the function is called twice and the first time the credentials, host, etc., are correct and the second time they aren’t. The second time the function is called, the credentials are for some reason set to the ones of the logged in user. So somewhere in the bbPress code, authentication is done not with the values stored in bb-config.php, but with the username and password of what’s stored in the session cookie and the host is then set to “localhost”.

I don’t know how to investigate this problem any further.

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