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Re: Rewriting up one level

My advice is don’t try to change bb_repermalink().

Just to qualify myself, I rewrote bb_repermalink() a while back to implement slug-based permalinks. It’s a tricky beast, and the most complex part is the profile-page case.

But if you must, then you should start by turning debugging on $bb->debug = 1 in config.php should do it. Then when you hit your link you should get some readable debug info at the top of your page.

The critical part of stopping the redirect is on line 1708 of bb-includes/functions.php, you have to make that condition happy to stop the redirect to it’s preferred permalink location. That may involve simply modifying the get_user_profile_link() and also the get_profile_tab_link() functions, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

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