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Re: REQ: Theme demo switcher like phpBB

New version, same link.


  • Box/reminder/no box option expires with the session.
  • Micro comments in the plugin file, to make changes (esp. removing things) a bit easier.
  • Download link for the themes with the zip, both in the box and in the screenshots page.

The zips have to be added manually. Hey, just like the themes themselves. It’s better that way, as an automatic creation would make them available and thus you’d be redistributing them, so you’d better check the license. OK, it’s just a cheap excuse to avoid the work :-) I may add that functionality for the admin (create/rebuild/delete zip links in the screenshots page when the admin loads it), but it’s low in my general TODO list. So, until a new bug is found or another good idea pops up that is easy for me to implement, consider it a final version.

Also, keep in mind that the users can fake cookies and I don’t check their values. I don’t know how much of a risk it is for this case, nor how to solve it (yeah, I could check that only letters appear in the values).

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