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Re: REQ: Theme demo switcher like phpBB

Download button that will (on click) download the theme currently viewing (even grater if it would zip the theme folder and offer it for download on the fly)

Good idea! I’ll work on that. I don’t know if zipping on the fly would be nice on the server. I think it’d be better that the admin adds the zip each time he adds a theme. But that’s more work for the admin :-) so I don’t know.

Remove the Show theme button. Just selecting it in the ddlb should be enough to switch (or some explainetion of how to do this, cause I want to use it without that button)

You can remove it by deleting the lines that generate it. Line 139 – 142 in cookie_themes.php (that is, from var but = ... to f.appendChild(but);). I put it before adding the “submit on change” stuff, and then I left it just in case the new thing didn’t work. When I tried it yesterday on MSIE, it didn’t work there, you had to use the button. But it may be just my MSIE with paranoid configuration.

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