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Re: REQ: Theme demo switcher like phpBB

Yep, just have a look at the beginning of the injected javascript, in the plugin file. st is the variable through which you change the CSS of the box. Regarding position, the original file has:

st.position = "fixed";
st.left = = "40px";

Changing top to bottom may give what you are asking for. You can change the value, of course, and add other CSS that you may want. Also, if you know JavaScript, you can make the box work as a draggable window, there are examples of that out there.

I’ve just tried it under MSIE and guess what, it puts the box in the bottom of the page, after all content (that is, where it is generated). :-)

And there’s a BUG (I’m talking about my files again, not MSIE positioning). The “close this box for this session” closes it forever. Well, for “more than just this session”, a week, I think. I can’t correct it and test it now, but the change needed would be to add the “just for this session” expiration time for the “annoying_box” cookie. That’d be the third parameter to bb_cookie in line 15 of themes.php. There are only two parameters now, and bbPress takes the absence of the third (or its value being 0) to mean a week. Right now I don’t know if you have to set a value in the past, a negative value or no value to make it a session cookie. In the latter case, it may be necessary to call setcookie directly instead of bb_cookie as bb_cookie changes the no-value case to a week.

You may also leave that option out, the “box that disappears after 5 seconds” one may be enough.

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