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Re: Reply by Email



It was an honest question kewe65. Why *not* use a Yahoo group if everything you need is there, no matter the terminology (board/forum/group)? I really want to know; maybe others do too.

With every Yahoo group I’ve even been a part of, none has ever felt like a community. It’s almost like it’s an archive of an email mailing list (majordomo anyone?) It feels dead, just a snapshot. Maybe it’s just the groups I happened to join. But those are reasons why *I* would never use a Yahoo group where I really need a forum. And for the same reasons, I would not allow people to skip participation in the forum by opting to get their replies via email. That kills the community feeling for me, too. That’s what the Joel on Software article was trying to say, I think. I know the article is long, but you can skip to part relevant to this discussion if you just search that page for “email”.

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