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Re: renaming index.php messes up lay-out?


What does it matter that what bbpress sees at “front-page” isn’t the actual front page of your site? It’s just a moniker used throughout the program, it doesn’t have to mean anything to you.

Well wrong, I am working on a menu for the forum and it defeniatily is important that the call back is accurate.

Some excample code menu:


if ( is_front())


echo " id="current">";


<a href="<?php option('uri'); ?>">Forums</a>




Here you can see is_front and we also have is_forum so I need to add is_home aswell in order to make the menu work :)

Well I understand your explaination of how things work. I started home.php from index.php and edited/deleted things i didn’t need to make my own startpage. I also wanted to keep the normal index file, thats why I renamed them. Unfortunally the addons i did in the template functions don’t work unless i keep it like this:

case 'home.php' :

return 'front-page';


And then the id won’t work too, cause is_front() is called (and not is_home) so it gets the front-page id.

Well going to release my project very soon (as soon as I found a solution for my DIV problem), perhaps you can help me better then.

Really appreciate the time helping me out!!


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