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Re: removing tags



I just created a new topic and added a tag to it that does not exist elsewhere. Then I deleted that topic. Then I tried to access the tag page and it gave a 500 error. It almost looks like trying to access a page for a tag that does not exist always give a 500 error (at least here it does, anyway.)

So, maybe deleting the topic DOES delete the tag that was associated with it?

As a further test, I created a new topic and added an existing tag to it. Then I checked how many times the tag was used (297) and then deleted the topic and checked the count again and it was decremented to 296.

Lost my train of thought there so I can’t be certain that I tested everything I meant to.

I guess deleting a topic that has a unique tag deletes the tag, since trying to access the tag page gives a 500 error (or at least a blank screen.) And deleting a topic that had a tag that was used elsewhere doesn’t delete the tag, but does decrement the number of times the tag was used.

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