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Re: Registration Email Not Being Sent – new issue



I can’t see a way that bbPress would be responsible. The email is sent right before the registration success message is sent. From register.php lines 39-41:

do_action('register_user', $user_id);

bb_load_template( 'register-success.php', $_globals );


So, after the register_user action (which emails the password) the success message is displayed. There is no delay built into bbPress. So, it is somewhere after bbPress has handed off the email.

Is is possible there is a different header in the bbPress password message that causes it to be delayed by the recipient’s ISP? I know there is a Precedence: bulk header in the bbPress email, and that WordPress has the same, but there is also a X header in the WordPress email that I don’t see in the bbPress email: X-Priority: 3 (which means “normal” delivery.) It could also be due to the email address the email is coming from (some sort of validation by the SMTP server to see if the sender is valid.)

I would say the problem is with the server sending the emails, or the recipient’s ISP, not with bbPress. I can’t come up with any ideas at all how bbPress could be responsible.

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