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Re: redesigned my forum section…



Looks very nice, nice job.

I clicked on a link in one of the forums though, and Firefox wanted to open the file with WordPad rather than open in the browser. This was the link:

<a href="">No Page Templates to Chose From?</a>

PHP files normally open just fine for me on the Internet, this seemed sort of weird.

UPDATE: the second time I clicked the link, it opened fine in the browser. I always forget to take a screenshot when this happens since i figure it will just happen again. Oh well. Sometimes, I think Apache or PHP fail to parse the PHP files and they get sent through with the wrong mime type or something. I have had this happen once before where I saw the source of a PHP file, which would be bad, since there are sometimes passwords and connection details in there. Of course, I didn’t capture a screenshot of that either.

Anyway, your forum looks very nice. Nice job.

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