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Re: Read-only forum / keep user names?



This is very interesting to me. How about these ideas?

For the close a forum, I don’t know how you would do that. There’s nothing I know of in the bb_forums table that marks it open or closed. The best I think you could do is mark the topics closed. To do that with SQL, you could do something like

UPDATE bb_topics
SET topic_open=0
WHERE topic_id IN
(your comma separated list of topic_ids)

You could drop the WHERE part if you wanted to mark all existing topics as closed. Before you do anything with SQL though, be sure you have a backup of the data.

I can see why you want to take a snapshot of the old forums and mark them “archived/old” but, I would assume if you are moving things from phpBB to bbPress that your forum structure is going to be similar, so closing the forums to new topics wouldn’t make sense anyway.

Another option is to create a new forum called “phpBB Archive” or something then move all the topics and posts over to that “archive” forum, then create your forum hierarchy again in bbPress like it was in phpBB (i.e. World News, World Labs, Support, etc.)

For the users, why not just change all the passwords? That would make the usernames still valid, so no one else could re-register as an existing name, no one could log in with the old name, and all the existing posts would still be attributed to the original poster.

Just my thoughts: maybe they’ll be useful. Good questions though…

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