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Re: Question on Integration

I guess it’s better to explain what I’m trying to accomplish.

I chose bbPress because theming it is just like WordPress. I rolled my own theme from the ground up. During the building process I realized how I wish I could add this and that, but due to the lack of documentation it’s rather hard for someone like me who has limited php know how. So it got me looking into integration.

My original intention of using bbPress was to make it easier for members to submit content. I would have built this project on WordPress, but the WordPress backend is a bit too distracting for members. I know there are other solutions out there such as the TDO-mini-forms, but it lacks polish.

So basically what I would like to do is use bbPress’ ease of content submission and profile pages running in conjunction with WordPress’ familiarity. Also what happens with topics and single pages, categories and forums do they combine into one? Can I restrict access to WP backend? Can I make use of all of WP plugins and will it run harmoniously with bbPress?

So many questions not sure how to form them. But the basic gist is I want members to use the bbPress part of the integration for content submission and use WP to handle displaying of the data.

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