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Re: Question about rendering time

I think I figured it out… I added my own timing mechanism to virtually every line of code on the front page, and noticed the extra 0.2 seconds was occurring at random places…

So I put ob_start(); at the beginning of bb-settings.php to turn on output buffering, and now here’s the times I get with like 16 plugins installed, logged in as admin with a ton of custom stuff going on and everything is opcached:

total page time: 0.078 seconds.

time to reach each section:

bb_underscore_plugins_loaded = 0.018

bb_plugins_loaded = 0.021

bb_init = 0.021

bb_index.php_pre_db = 0.024

front-page.php = 0.025

header.php = 0.025

logged-in.php = 0.026

search-form.php = 0.035

footer.php = 0.078

Now that is more like it! Now to remove all my logging….

And thanks for that benchmark plugin… it’s great, I can’t live without it now =)

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