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Re: Question about Integration



You do not need integration at all to put a link to your forum in your top menu.

How to put a link to forums on my WordPress navigation menu

But it’s even simpler than that. If you put your bbPress installation in a folder (subdirectory of where WordPress is) called “kitty-cat-talk” and you create a WordPress page called “Kitty Cat Talk” with a slug of “kitty-cat-talk” – the link will be in the menu, and clicking the link will send visitors to your forum. The way WordPress .htaccess and mod_rewrite works with pretty permalinks is that it looks for a folder first (or a file) and if a folder with that name exists, serve that. So that is what happens with a page like this. Your WordPress page will have no content, it will just send people to your forums, assuming the Page slug and the folder you installed into are the same.

There also also ways to call the page whatever you want, and do a custom redirect to your forum. That is detailed in the link I sent. There are a couple plugins that can do that for you.

And then there is the template way someone linked to in that thread.

It’s pretty easy and you do not need integration at all to just have a link in your WordPress menu to your forum installation.

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