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Re: query/php problem

It looks like your $rw["location"] variable contains the text "(is_front() || is_forum() || is_tag() || is_topic() || is_bb_feed() || is_bb_profile() || is_bb_favorites() || is_view())"

Is that what you’re describing?

If so a ternary structure (the x?y:z thing) won’t work because you need to give it a boolean value, so this may work…

$switch = eval("return ".$rw["location"]);

$current = ($switch ? ' id="current"' : "");

… but if that does work, then you seriously need to ask yourself why you have such code in a variable – why can’t it be evaluated first then the result put in the variable – and if you can’t come up with a cogent answer you need to rethink your code.

If that’s not what you’re describing then can you describe “not working” a bit better? Error messages and variable dumps help… or upload the source somewhere.

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