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Re: Punbb -> BBPress

the old cookie will never delete

bb logs you in for a week, wp if you set it to ‘remember me’ for a year I think.

If you take the forum software online before really knowing what it can do and what you need to do, that’s also your problem.

For the moderation tools, something you may have found useful is doing what all the automattic forums do – keeping an RSS feed of threads tagged, by members, ‘modlook’. But I don’t want to get into a debate on the relative merits of moderation mechanisms, this is just an aside.

I guess part of my concern is how casually it’s either told or assumed that BB integrates with WP, and that BB is ready for primetime. There’s good reason why it’s set at a pre-1.0 version number.

It _does_ integrate. It _is_ ready for a lot of primetime; look at and .org, 9rules and technorati. But if you think that means that it toasts your bagels too, you’re wrong (and it’s your fault for assuming or believing that). It _is_ a pre-1.0 release, and if you use it and expect a 1.0 feature set, you’ll inevitably be disappointed. I don’t really get your bitterness about it – or at least, what comes across to me as bitterness.

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