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Re: Proposed method for file attachments and uploads



Fel64, you are totally right. That wasn’t so much an appeal to inferiority as it was an appeal to the bandwagon: I simply think people tend to judge a product based on what’s included, moreso than what’s excluded. I could have worded that better.

I could try to make a better case for an attachments plugin, but I run the risk of becoming “that crazy dude who’s always whining about attachments.” Besides, I don’t feel like I should try to argue the point, because I don’t really hear anyone arguing *against* it.

The best case I can see for any plugin is a chorus of users singing the same tune, asking for such an extension and offering what resources they have to contribute to it. I appreciate the input from everyone on this discussion, and hope we can continue it to the eventual development of this feature. As I mentioned before, I will look at the code, and do what I can (hack around) but then I’ll run the risk of being “that crazy dude who thought he could write a file attachment plugin.”

Which might be slightly better than being the dude who was just whining about not having one. But still.

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