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Re: Proposed method for file attachments and uploads



Again, essentially the avatar upload plugin does all this (filename scrubbing, etc) the code would just need to be hacked to make it attach to posts instead of users and the interface would have to be on the create/edit post form (which if I remember from my signatures plugin has no action hook unfortunately and templates will need to be edited). “Avatar Upload” even checks filenames and the php code checks dimensions which ensures it’s really an image. Other filetypes like zips or pdf would be more tricky but just an extension of the process – first start with images and work from there once you have it running.

I’d like to see this happen, but don’t look at me for coding, I hope someone else steps up to the plate. Got my hands full right now with “Super Search” which is quite difficult on all sorts of issues. I won’t be done with it for a week or two at earliest, more realistically the rest of February.

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