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Re: Proposed method for file attachments and uploads



I agree with not doing the actions in the templates – that was a mistake WordPress did for awhile eh? The hooks can go inside function edit_form in the core, no?

Just for clarification, because this one is important, do_action('post_edit_form') should go AFTER the </form> is closed.

do_action('pre_edit_form') should be before the <form

and do_action('edit_form') should be inside the form.

If all the post_form’s are actions, so should be the edit_forms. I don’t think any are filters, wouldn’t make sense…?

This will help other plugins like my Signatures too.

Less template edits needed, makes it easier for users.

Of course I still have to support some 0.8.3 people so it’s going to be awhile before this solves all problems but at least newer installs can benefit.

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