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Re: Profile edit does not update website field (fail)

PJ Brunet


@chrishajer thanks I’ll check that out.

But, I’d like to fix this problem because the URL of the “member” is very important to me. Should I start reading “” or? I’d like to help work on the code but I have no experience contributing to open source.

As it is now, the URL is not saved, it’s not even in the list on the profile page.

I’m guessing that’s the responsibility of the “bb_get_current_user_info( ‘id’ );” function?

I personally think clicking the member’s pic should take you to their profile, that would be more intuitive IMO. I wouldn’t expect to click the text “Member” to see a profile, and that makes even less sense if I give the member some custom name under his/her picture. Let’s say a member works for XYZ Inc. Now I want to show “XYZ Inc.” under his/her profile picture, a pretty typical use of the member’s custom title. To me it would make more sense to link “XYZ Inc.” to using the member’s URL. But the way you have it now, clicking “XYZ Inc.” takes you to his/her profile page, which doesn’t make sense to me.

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