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Re: Privacy Forum – is it really private?



There’s no hacking involved in that process.

It’s just a simple workaround.

The foolish forum operators are allowing anyone with the user-agent of “GoogleBot” into their private forums. And/or they are allowing Google to cache their private forums. The reason why they do this is they want Google to send them traffic and the only way they can do that is to let google see the content of the hidden forums.

bbPress doesn’t do this by default and no known plugin does it either, certainly not my “hidden forums” plugin.

My Mini-Track plugin can tell you the difference between real Google and people pretending to be Google. It’s very easy, you just do a rDNS on the ip and see if it goes to a google owned ip block. rDNS is very slow (1-5 seconds) so people don’t normally do it by default.

You wouldn’t have to delete the spammer profiles if you didn’t let them on in the first place. Install my “Human Test” plugin and 99.9% of them will never register.

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