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Re: Privacy Forum – is it really private?



I don’t see how the cookie has anything to do with google indexing your pages. Forums hidden with the “Hidden Forums” plugin won’t be indexed either. If you want to prevent anyone (including search engines) from seeing certain forums, protect them with the Hidden Forums plugin. If you want to prevent search engines from caching public forums, then use the mini-plugin that _ck_ posted.

To use it as a plugin, just create a plugin file. The only difference between what _ck_ posted and a full blown plugin is the header.

Plugin Name: No Archive
Description: Prevent some search engines from caching your forum

function noarchive() {
echo "n".'<meta NAME="robots" CONTENT="noarchive">'."n";
add_action('bb_head', 'noarchive');


Now, save that as a file, something like “noarchive.php” and save it in your my-plugins folder. Active the plugin in the admin and then load a forum page and check the headers to see if it worked.

_ck_ likes to create one plugin called bb-tweaks.php that contains all these little function tweaks. Then you just need one header and all the little functions can be dropped into the one file.

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