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Re: PRIORITY #1: ImageFile Attachments

Sam Bauers


I’m sure that many people have fine justifications for wanting file attachments. It just seems to be coincidence that those people aren’t the ones capable of writing it. No one is telling anyone that their need for it is “wrong”.

Can I suggest that those who want it somehow co-ordinate their efforts and – rather than pointlessly bumping threads like this all the time – you all work out how you can get it happening in a constructive fashion. There are many competent plugin developers around, perhaps you can pool financial resources and hire one to write the plugin. Perhaps if you are in a University you can co-opt a student with the necessary skills to write the plugin for you in exchange for credit. I’m sure that together you work out a creative solution to your problem.

I would love to see this happen, but I don’t think it will be me who writes it. Dealing with file uploads in web apps is hard and boring for me. I spent about 5 years of my life doing it, so whilst I am probably well qualified to take it on, I don’t *want* to right now. It’s not about some geek elitism. Clearly my want is greater than your collective powers of persuasion at this time.

charlesstout’s topic on this issue has a much more positive spin to it, and you’ll notice that _ck_ has jumped in to get something rolling (which is lucky for you guys, she knows what she’s doing). I suggest that if _ck_ gets this happening you all go and drop some money in her donation account or at least send her a card.

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