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Re: PRIORITY #1: ImageFile Attachments



Maybe it’s because I’m not so knowledgeable about wikis, but I really wonder what you are talking about. I totally agree concerning the “simple, fast and elegant”. phpBB is far too complicated for example. But gimme a break please. I don’t need to be told what I need. WordPress is great for news publication, it’s understandable by my not so computer literate community and it even allows to attach documents to posts (albeit not to comments). Now I’m thinking about phase 2, which is the integration of a forum to the blog and the duplication of WordPress posts in a dedicated sub-forum through the bbPost plugin. These guys are scientists who need to communicate AND exchange documents. bbPress appeals to me because of the WordPress integration, BUT I need it to have attachment as a feature. And I don’t have the skills to add this feature. I don’t intend to be demanding. I have an idea what open source development can be. I just don’t want some geek zealot to tell me that my need is wrong just because it breaks his ideal of how his software idol should be…

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